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 Ambiente psichico & Ricerca : Cinema
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Registrato: 18 Gen 19
Residenza: Aruba
Stato Connessione: Sconnesso
Messaggi: 27
Postato: 18 Apr 19 alle 03:28 | IP Salvato Riporta ylq123

At that time, I didn't know the name of the tree. There
were two pole stones under the tree. The voice of the
grandmother's hair dryer pulled me out of my dreams. When I
opened my eyes, I was stabbed by the bright fluorescent
lamp, and immediately turned to the other side to look out
the window. The window is a rust-covered louver, and the
outside is a light blue light. The road leaves traverse and
divide the light blue into a single ribbon. The sun hasn't
come out yet. It's the color of the dawn, like the bright
fluorescent lamp in the house, the grandmother's screaming
hair dryer, all the slippers that are barely brushed at the
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, the dirty and black slippers on the bottom. On
the ladder, one squatted in front of the threshold. I
stared at them and ran outside the door. The grandfather
held a large yellow umbrella and swayed into the vertical
hole on the pole stone. The tip of the umbrella pokes into
the tip of the big tree in front of the door. There is a
light blue morning fog behind the big tree. I can't see the
gray brick wall and the magnolia tree across the road. I
sit on another pole stone and watch the grandfather insert
the umbrella. The eyes still faintly open, and the wind of
the dawn patted the face and took the cockroaches in front
of the eyes to the soil. From the distance, the tree basket
wrapped in the morning fog looks to the left hand side, the
dark gray ancestral hall, the small square of the old
dragon clock, the separate road is a row of omnivorous
shops connected together, one booth and one stall is like
the hands of the children in the village. Into a string of
cigarette shells, soaked in water and wrinkled, the
grandfather and grandmother is a small cigarette house,
which is confused, just awake, I just sit like that,
watching the grandfather walk in and come out again
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. The miscellaneous mouth of the miscellaneous,
squeezing on a long wooden board and giving him a look. The
oil stove dragged the greasy wires to the umbrellas. There
is also a refrigerator, even after powering up against the
bandits under the tree, screaming and squeaking, trembling
large microwave oven. The grandfather was so tossed, the
other stalls, the door opened, the door open, the stalls,
the wow, the wow, the bangs, all of them had their own
large refrigerators, and the wires were connected. The
large microwave that trembled in the past was not turned
out from the ravine, and the lights in the room were dull.
Hey, the sound climbed down the second floor along the red
painted staircase all the way. I looked up and my
grandmother came downstairs. She often wears a long blue
dress, sometimes turning into plum red and sometimes a
rape-like daisy. Her high-heeled shoes step on the stone
steps step by step, step by step from the upper floor, like
a black butterfly falling down the layers of wildflowers in
the sun-filled fields, gently on the bottom of the flower
It turns into pollen, one grain and one grain into the sun.
Grandma usually goes to the street at 9 o'clock. The
electric car is dark red, the old and old body is not
small, leaning against the iron head and going outside,
like an old red lion, screaming in the early morning,
screaming, leaning on the thin The branches are silent.
Grandma shakes the car keys and walks over, one by one, one
span, one sitting, one hand and one turn, the red-haired
old lion is uplifted, and screaming and screaming at the
grandmother, screaming in the wind, It is the grandmother's
skirt floating in the air. The red lion flies with the
black butterfly. After she came back, she walked down from
the old lion, and the leeks, rice noodles, seaweed, and
dragons were all obtained by her and the old lion. The two
sides of the spoiled door on the lunch table were adorned
with red and door incense burners. The red fragrant incense
burner placed the faded plastic chair underneath, and the
grandfather sat on the head, quietly, and sat down under
the ass in the morning Marlboro
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. As he looked at the omnipot
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, he looked at the pool table next to him.
Sometimes there were three, three or five people, and my
grandfather sat for one morning. When they picked up the
club and picked one of the mornings, no one hit the
billiard. I climbed to the table and took the billiards
from the box. Pour out a lot of cockroaches on the tender
green tablecloth, pour peanuts from the sacks. When my
grandfather jumps up from the chair, he will catch me. I
couldn't catch the moment, I slipped the two slippers and
slid to the coal dust alley of a family. Grab the moment,
let me twist like a muddy, his hand seems to be iron hoops
set into the muddy flesh, hard to hold me to sit on the
faded chair. Either I watched the magnolia tree in his arms
in the morning, or I rushed to pick up a billiard to his
head. I can��t count on one thing, and I��m really
stunned. My grandfather��s brain licking his yellow teeth
and screaming, immediately gave it to the table and I was
shocked when I boarded. ���"After that, I fell to the
bottom of the table, and my head slammed and screamed. The
old man next door still sipped the rice porridge. He
slammed the tableware on the ground, which is the white
peony that embroidered the rice porridge with white flowers
and flowers. . Her hand had not yet reached the
grandfather, and her grandfather shouted at me with his
teeth, and with one hand on his head, he reached out to
pull me up from the concrete floor. I said that I didn��t
hurt when I was not hurting. The old man took a box of gold
from his home, let me give my grandfather a little bit of
sparse hair and curly groves. The bruise is obvious, it is
a small hill from the central base of the grove. I gently
put the cool and cool Wanjin oil on the hillside, and asked
while the paving, grandfather, hurts. He didn't answer,
cheerful, and the eyebrows that looked up, made me feel
like I saw the alley in the neighboring side. The small
muddy tumbling in the soft soil was like a straw steamer in
the hot steam, and it was rolling in the heat. In the
steamer, when the steamed bread is steamed, it is the thin
willow of the old medicine, which is the yellow-yellow-
yellow dog in the doorway of the house. It is the yellow-
haired dog lying in the mouth of the fangs, and the red-
yellow small building. The old man with a fan of a fan, a
loose white vest on his body, like the golden sun that just
picked up from Puxi water, the whole village seems to be
asleep, so hot as if the mouth makes a sound, it will make
the tongue The water on it evaporates a little. Grandma was
resting in the room, and the grandfather was still sitting
on the faded plastic chair, but this time he did not look
at the magnolia tree from the gray brick wall across the
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. His head leaned back to the door. I
pressed it to the red door god incense burner, and fell
asleep like that. The baby in the basket sucking my fingers
was as quiet as I was sitting on the pole stone under the
unknown tree behind the refrigerator. Black ants that flow
out like tides. If there is a tree, there will
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