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How can you make the most of the media? Learn how to write a press release and submit it correctly to the journalists so that it gets read and published. Remember journalists have an in-satiable appetite for news. So give them news.

News is central to journalism.

What makes news.

1 Significance ? anything which will affect reader's lives.

2 Drama ? accidents Nike Air Max Plus Men's Gradient Pack Yellow Blue , disease outbreaks, armed actions.

3 Pop ? sex, scandal.

4 Surprise ? anything that surprises.

5 Proximity ? anything dramatic which relates to a person or place.

6 Scale ? job boost, 6 Nike Air Max Plus Sunset Black Blue Men's ,000 new jobs.

7 Money ? lottery winner nets $30million

8 Elite issues ? President, Royalty, Film Stars.

9 Vogue issues ? fashionable persons.

10 Big guys v Little guys ? pensioner defeats government.

11 Death and destruction ? tsunamiearthquake.

12 Negative ? as above.

13 New ? if it's new it's news.

How to write news.

* What happened.
* How it happened.
* Amplify
* Tie up loose ends.

How to write a press release.

1 Date ? top left hand corner, say's it new.

2 Headline ? make as ?newsy? as possible ? get your USP in.

3 Para 1 - who Nike Air Max DLX 2019 Sale , what, when and where, why it's important.

4 Para 2 - expand on para 1. Don't stray.

5 Quote ? From someone in authority who is independent.

6 Offer FREE fact sheet.

7 Full contact details, including home contact ? they work all hours!

8 Notes for editors Nike Air Max DLX Sale , facts and background on the story, you or your companybusiness.

If issuing paper make the press release easy to read ? double space.

Follow these guide lines and you should not go too far wrong. Remember you are getting free publicity and they always need news. So it's worth persevering and learning how to write a press release.

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-Luckily Nike Air Max Plus 97 Sale , in increasing amount of destinations are becoming more pet friendly, however it is always the owner's responsibility to make sure they are prepared for anything!

Things To Be Prepared For?

1. Some accommodations will charge a fee per night, per pet

2. Some animals may not be allowed

3. Most hotels or motels will expect that animals are naturally well behaved without a muzzle

4. Some accommodations require a deposit for pets

5. Other accommodations may only require that an agreement is signed upon arrival

6. Few places treat the pet as though it is a member of the family

Airline Travel

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Car Travel

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