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Registrato: 31 Mar 21
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Postato: 08 Apr 21 alle 07:05 | IP Salvato Riporta yx1991

aluminum windows

Nowadays, the sun room has become more and more popular
and used by the majority of friends, and the materials of
the sun room have become more diverse. On your own
terrace, or on a small and medium balcony window, you can
build a very beautiful, stylish and high-end sun room.
However, most of my friends donít know how to choose the
materials for building a sun room? Which sun room
material is the most suitable for building a sun room?

First, let's take a look at the main structural materials
of the sun room. The main structure of the sun room is
the vitality of the sun room and bears the greatest
strength. Therefore, the main structure material cannot
be ignored. Generally speaking, square steel should be
selected as the main load-bearing material for the main
structure of the sun room. For small and medium-sized sun
rooms, the basic surrounding pillars are necessary, plus
the beams and longitudinal beams supporting the color
steel plate or tempered glass on the top surface to form
a mesh structure. Such sun room materials are very strong
and safe. .

Then, let's talk about the panel material of the sun
room, which is the top surface material of the sun room.
Since it is a sun room, the use of transparent materials
for the panel material is more in line with the needs of
the sun room. Among the existing materials, the most
transparent material is glass, followed by polycarbonate
board. The impact resistance of polycarbonate board is
better than glass. , Heat preservation performance is
better than glass, but it will turn yellow over time. If
glass is used as the top surface material of the sun
room, it is best to use laminated glass (for safety
considerations). The laminated glass can also be made
double tempered or tempered on the top, so that the
strength of the glass is better.
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