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Postato: 14 Lug 21 alle 11:48 | IP Salvato Riporta zosimdx73

U-boat: high-end treasure As a successful finance
supervisor, Italo Fontana, Italy, ITALO FONTANA, I like
to find his grandfather's old
Fake Cheap
design in 2000: ILVO FONTANA has
received this command in 1942, designed and manufactured
a clock for the Italian Navy and air officers. Watches
should be readily read in all light and weather
conditions and is the same as that cannot be invisible.
The project has never been conducted, but since then, the
project has been planning to have been waiting for them
in the discovery of Luca, Italy (Tuscany). When ITALO
Fontana accidentally found a sketch in the document of
his grandfather's documents, he immediately fired and
flame: thinking that the big martial arts watch did not
give up on him. For this reason, the charm designer
launched soon, under the motto "new time sizes", creating
a U-boo brand.

Italo Fontana was born in Luka in 1965, and the company's
U-ship still seated today. When he is already a young, he
inspired himself for his own design, his family worked in
the textile industry. In addition, Italian designers
always like the ocean, his comfort he stood in many water
sports. U-BATH's eye-catching table seems to be a logical
conclusion of ITALO Fontana on the design and enthusiasm
of nature primitive strength.

He rapidly raised the name in the luxury watch industry
in the luxury watch industry, and it still conforms to
the innovative role in innovative ideas and unusual
design. U-boat's first watch is mainly equipped with
Myota quartz action and impressed well design. At the
same time, the timepiece of the U-boat also inspired the
real appreciation of watch enthusiasts, because in the
slum of success, Italo Fontana decided to improve his
watch from the luxurious inner life. Swiss Manufacturers
ETA SA Mechanical Sports are now tick in the core of all
submarines, which also provides a well-known
manufacturer, such as a hundred years, Omega or label.
All collections are handmade in Italy, with technical
significance and detail from the monarch owner.

replica U-BOAT CHIMERA 60MM Watches

U-type ship hours meet the highest technical standards,
and impressively impressive through application of
optometrics. Today, watch manufacturers lead seven
different collections: U-42, Chimera, Black Swan, U-1001,
Flightfeck, Classico, and thousands of feet. Extreme
recovery power of the model and its innovation design
opens the U-shaped ship timer to the model of other
luxury goods plants. Among them, such as Victoria and
David Beckham or Silvesters Telong, these fans also
believe in these fans.

The diameter can reach 55 mm, and the U-type boat watches
are very large, this requires another special function:
the crown attached to all models on the left. Therefore,
although in terms of comfort, although the size is
dimensional in the previous dimension. The huge time plan
is quite out, making the color and shape on the dial. In
the clock of the U-boat, the unique personality of Italo
Fontana is again reflected. They are especially suitable
for operators who want to show their strength and style
at the same time. You will find some unusual models from
U-boat Collections, we want to introduce you to you here.
c-197_206.html">replica U-Boat Chimera Watches

Reese License for ILVO Fontana is a collection U-42 ​​from
U-Boat. Without ILVO, through his design, the
establishment of the company, the Italian Eagle Factors
do not exist today. Therefore, U-Boat Italo Fontana U-42 ​​
Unicum is a clock, which is technically up to date, but
disappears in the old ancient area visually. Brown dial
discards in any festals: hour, minute and second-hand met
in the middle, design in retro appearance. Titanium shell
(no diameter: 53 mm, height: 19 mm) protects automatic
exercise, caliber U-28 and its daily services. Stop
functions used for the second adjustment time should also
be happy to meet the time. One feature of U-42 ​​Unicum can
be expanded, or it can be comfortable and easy to use -
even if you use gloves. U-42 Unicum is a real collector.

After the most important significance, we come from Italy
to observe the most popular series: u-boat chimera. The
series of watches describes their power, male temperament
and personality. This is u-boat italo fontana chimera
silver, and the ambitious watch lovers do not have a
second eye, no second eye. The outer casing of the 46 mm
clock consists of 925 silver. In the bracelet, the
exclusion rate of the material is not broken: it is
flexible, black crocodile skin. Color-based dial provides
Al Arab Arab, index and pointers, and receives 3D optics
through special double-layer technologies. His strength
pulled the timer from the automatic movement, with 25
stone diameter Valjoux 7750, Safir crystal visible on the
bottom of the watch. Three o'clock is a small second
message with a stop function, which is relative to the
date of the small glass magnifying glass.
Replica Swiss Watch

The luxury gentleman will be impressed by the timer
exclusive, because it is limited to only 300 parts world
(restriction No. 028 ").

The chimeras lacks special crowns of special protection,
as long as the U-Boat Italo Fontana Classico 925 silver
medal is missing. With its powerful, militarian design
and expansion dials, it reflects the nature of U-boat's
legendary style. All metal elements of the clock consists
of 925 silver and provide a luxurious touch of the sports
tattoo table. The height of the housing is 18.10 mm, a
diameter of 48 mm, no crown. This also provides a special
spiral crown protection, even if the extreme load is not
resolved. The manufacturer's logo is shaped on the right
ramp and folding. Cognac's colored leather armature is
complete, which can be in subtle beige. Various eyes
provide black numbers and pointers, three scales on the
dial, including the possibility of secondary adjustment.
Of course, the watchmaker did not forget the date
display. It is located at 9 o'clock. At the bottom of the
clock, embedded a small window, and the function of the
balance (moving components) can be checked by this
window. Automatic motion, caliber U-77, ensuring absolute
reliability of unusual timing code tables. Qualitative
and visually Classico 925 silver is repent in all
respects. This version is limited to 150 copies, and
Refands is provided for each watch for every watch.
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Gold iTalo Fontana's clock is mainly used as a design
object, Mitlwerly - at least selected model - also
supports the requirements of water sports. This includes
limited U-Boat Italo Fontana Classico U-1001 Blu Titan.
The solid titanium housing is 55 mm wide, 18.2 mm high,
and maintains automatic movement, the diameter U28 with
25 stone, reaching a water depth of 1001 meters. Through
simple dials, designers have clearly concentrated in the
essential aspect, in addition to the fast adjustable date
display, unable to install additional. Optical attraction
is partially bright blue, partially gray numbers and
black blue pointers. Like the model already proposed, the
crown is sitting on the left and sets a tightened
protection mechanism. In addition to brown belts, a
hydrophobic rubber strap is included. Also, it exhibits
detailed information on the details, that is, give each
single U boat watch: the bracelet of the watch is made
through the different Italy, high quality materials, and
is soft on each wrist.
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